This is a great salad to serve with a main course or you can eat it on its own. It has a lovely minty, fresh taste and is really quick to prepare. It also tastes great with pizzas, meat and vegetarian dishes. You can prepare this salad a day in advance and therefore makes it ideal for those who have a busy schedule!!

Baby New Potatoes, Pea and Green Bean Salad

Serves 2-4




Baby New Potatoes- Boiled in Salt Water and Cut in Halves When Cooled

1 ½ Cup Fresh Peas- Cooked in Boiling Water (Do Not Overcook)

Good Handful Fresh Fine Green Beans- Steamed or Boiled (Do Not Overcook)

1 Shallot- Finely Chopped

2tbsp Mayonnaise

1tsp Mustard

1 Clove of Garlic- Crushed

2tsp Fresh Mint- Finely Chopped

1tsp Balsamic Vinegar

2tsp Mint Sauce

A Good Handful Fresh Dill- Finely Chopped

Salt to taste




Take the potatoes, peas and green beans in a bowl. Once they are cooled, add all the other ingredients and mix through. Taste for salt and add some if necessary. Leave in the refrigerator to cool. Take out just before serving.