This is a wonderful alternative to a sweet and a mini dessert. It is a great eggless sweet which is creative and looks beautiful. This sweet has a lovely chocolate base, a bit like a flat brownie and a lovely, creamy peppermint frosting finished off with grated dark chocolate.

Chocolate and Mint Circles

Makes 20 Circles (2 inch Diameter)



Ingredients for the Chocolate Cake Base


7 oz Unsalted Butter- Melted

5oz Sugar

3tbsp Cocoa Powder

1tbsp Drinking Chocolate Powder

75ml Milk

3oz Plain Flour

2 oz Pecan Nuts- Grinded in a Food Processor

1 Level tsp Baking Powder

Round Cutter- Approx 2inch Diameter



In a bowl, beat the butter and sugar until light and creamy. Add the cocoa, drinking chocolate, milk, nuts and flour. Mix until well combined. Finally add the baking powder and give a final mix. Pour the mixture into a baking tray and cook in the oven at 190-200c for approximately 30-40 minutes or until cooked. Once cooked and whilst still warm, crumble the cake mixture into a bowl. Then transfer this mixture into a wide dish and start to spread and press with your fingers onto the tray. The cake base should be around 1 cm thick. Refrigerate until the base is hard and well set.

Once it is set, cut out 20 circles with your cutter and place in your final presentation tray. Now for the frosting:



Ingredients for the Peppermint Frosting


2oz Unsalted Butter

2tbsp Icing Sugar

2tbsp Milk

1tbsp Desiccated Coconut

1tsp Peppermint Flavour

Green Food Colour- Use it accordingly to how green you want the frosting

Dark Chocolate for Decoration



In a bowl mix all the ingredients for the frosting apart from the dark chocolate and mix until light and creamy. Take half a teaspoonful of the frosting and place it on each circle. Spread it out carefully using your finger. Repeat with all the circles and until you have used all the frosting. Finally, grate some chocolate onto each circle until all are done. If you want to serve this as a dessert, you can double the layer, so instead of grating chocolate onto the first layer, place another chocolate circle on top of the frosting and then again the frosting on top of the chocolate circle and finally the grated chocolate.  You can omit the frosting altogether and just serve the chocolate circles with a nice scoop of ice cream!

Really Delicious! Enjoy!