Coconut is widely used in many Indian mithai and I have added this to give a slight authentic, Indian taste. My brother for one is not a great fan of the traditional Indian mithai and that’s why I thought it would be nice to create something which I know will go down a treat. Chocolate is a great choice for all and I have incorporated that flavour in this sweet dish.

Coconut Chocolate Balls

Makes 25 Bite Size Balls or 50 Miniature Balls




2oz Butter

200g Condensed Milk

2oz Drinking Chocolate

2oz Desiccated Coconut- Reserve some for rolling the balls into

7 Digestive Biscuits- Grinded but not too powdery

Small Handful Raisins

Small Handful Crushed Walnuts




Put all the dry ingredients into a bowl.

Meanwhile heat the butter in a pan along with the condensed milk and just warm through until the butter has melted. Immediately take off the heat and pour into the dry ingredients. Give this a thorough stir making sure all the ingredients are mixed properly.

Take a small teaspoon of the mixture and put it onto your palms and roll into a ball. Make sure the balls are all small and equal in size; roll each ball onto a small dish with the coconut and make sure the ball is covered all over with the coconut.

Put all the balls onto a tray and leave in the fridge until they have cooled.