Wow! You have got to try this Desi Pizza. When I first made this chilli Paneer pizza, I was very unsure on how the taste would come out but as soon as I started to assemble all the ingredients onto the pizza, I knew this is the ultimate one!! If you like a good spicy feel to the pizza, well this is definitely the one to try. The marinated paneer gives a very unusual flavour to the pizza but it works extremely well with all the other ingredients.

This is definitely a speciality which all the family will love!

Desi Style Chilli Paneer Pizza

Makes 4 Pizzas

For the Marinade you will need:


1 Block of Paneer/approx 10oz, Cut into small cubes

2tsp Tomato Puree

2tsp Tabasco Sauce

2 Clove Garlic, Crushed

2tsp Chilli Sauce

1 tsp Dried Oregano

2 Green Chilli, Finely Chopped

Salt to Taste





Marinade all the above into a bowl for at least one hour. Once this has marinated, add 2tbsp of Olive Oil and mix. Transfer the paneer into a baking dish and cook in a pre heated oven at 180c for 15 minutes or until it starts to take on a slight colour.  This will take away the rawness of the paneer when added onto the pizza.

Once the paneer has cooked, leave aside to cool.


To Make the Pizza Sauce


2tbsp Olive Oil

1 Clove Garlic, Finely Chopped

1 Tomato Can, 400g (blended)

Pinch of Dried Mixed Herbs

Salt to taste

½ tsp Sugar




Take a pan, add the olive oil and the garlic and let the garlic sauté only for a minute or two. Add all the other ingredients and let the sauce cook on low to medium heat. Cook the sauce until it becomes thick and reduces in half. Let it cool.



To Make the Pizza Base (makes 4 pizzas)


1IB Self Rising Flour

½ sachet Ready to Use Yeast


A Good Handful of Cheddar Cheese

2tsp Ghee/or Olive Oil

Approx 200ml Water


Put all the ingredients for the pizza base in a bowl apart from the water. Give this a mix, and then add the water gradually until you form dough that is NOT too sticky as you will need to roll it out. Adding the water gradually will give you an idea of whether you need to add all the water or not. Once the dough has come together nicely, knead it for a few minutes.

Let this dough sit for a while until it has risen.

Take the dough out and make it into a large ball. Divide the mixture into four equal balls. Then in turn roll out each one to the thickness that you wish. Some people prefer a thicker base and some thinner.

Then you are ready to add the toppings.


The Toppings (For 4 Pizzas)


The Cooked Paneer

The Tomato Sauce (Which you cooked earlier)

1 Red Pepper (finely sliced)

1 Green Pepper (finely sliced)

1 Onion (finely sliced)

2 Handfuls of Freshly Chopped Coriander

Chilli Flakes

1 Cup Cheddar Cheese (grated)

2 Cup Fresh Mozzarella Cheese (grated)



Assembling the Pizza



Take the ready rolled pizza base; spread some of the tomato sauce evenly. Dot the paneer cubes over the whole pizza base, sprinkle  some red chilli flakes, add both the cheeses on top then the red and green pepper , some sliced onion and finally some chopped coriander.

Before you put it in the oven to cook, sprinkle some olive oil all over the pizza. This will give it a nice glossy finish and the pizza will not look dry when it comes out.

Cook in the oven on 180c until the pizza has cooked and has taken a golden colour. Takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

Ready to eat!