This is a great alternative to pizzas. I wanted to share this recipe because it is really simple and quick and tastes really good! I made this dish in a hurry once by just creating whatever I had in the fridge. I ended up making this great wholesome version of a pizza. What I enjoyed about this is the different vegetables that I used and I guess you could do the same with whatever vegetable you have in the fridge. So have a go........

Pizza Baguette with Courgette and Aubergine

Serves 2




Small Baguette

1 Courgette- Sliced Finely

1 Aubergine- Dutch Variety is Best, Sliced Finely

1 Small Red Onion-Sliced

½ Red Pepper/Capsicum- Sliced Finely

Tube of Tomato Puree

1 tbsp Honey

Olive Oil for Frying


Mild Cheddar Cheese- Grated



Pan fry the courgette and aubergine in some olive oil and sprinkle a little salt on them. Take them out into a dish. In the same pan add the peppers and honey and just sauté for a couple of minutes. Take them out onto the same dish as the courgette and aubergine.

Slice the baguette into half and then slice each half horizontally so you have two halves. Then repeat with the side. So you will end up with four halves.