This is a lovely starter which tastes delicious. It is very quick to make and has similar flavours to chilli paneer but this dish is not as saucy as chilli paneer. It has a slight sweetness which goes very well with the garlic and chilli.

Quick Chilli Paneer Stir Fry

Serves 4




2 Blocks Paneer- Approx 10oz in a Block

2tbsp Oil

1 Red Pepper/Capsicum- Sliced quiet thick

1 Green Pepper/Capsicum- Sliced quite thick

8 Spring Onion-Chopped

3 Cloves Garlic- Crushed

3 Green Chillies- Sliced Long ways

2tbsp Soy Sauce

1tbsp Chilli Sauce

2tsp Honey



Cut the paneer into cubes. Take a wide non stick wok and the oil and paneer. On a high heat start to stir fry the paneer gently stirring. Add the soy sauce, chilli sauce and honey and stir fry for a few minutes. Take the paneer out onto a plate and add all the other ingredients into the wok. Again on high heat cook the vegetables until semi soft. Do not overcook or else the dish will not taste good. The peppers must have a bite to them. Add the paneer to the vegetables and gently mix. Turn the heat off. Serve hot. Yummy!