This is such a quick snack that you can rustle up in no time at all! I used whatever I could find in my kitchen cupboards and came out with this great bhel. The addition of fruit brings out a natural sweetness to the bhel. You can try to use any fruits; maybe chopped apple, pomegranate or even a mixture of the three.

Quick Tasty Bhel

Serves 1




Handful of Sev Mambra (Indian snack which is made with puffed rice- you can buy from any Indian Grocery shop)

Handful of Canned Chickpeas- Drained and Washed

Handful of Boiled, Cooled and Cubed Potatoes (Without Skin)

1tbsp Chopped Red Onion

3-4 Pani Puris (Crushed); you can buy from Indian grocery shop

2tbsp Amlee Chutney/Tamarind Chutney (Add a little water to make it pourable)

1tbsp Red Garlic Chutney- You can make it hotter by adding more.

1tbsp Thana/Coriander Chutney

7-8 Green or Red Grapes- Chopped




Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. If you prefer to have it more sweet, then add more tamarind chutney. This dish is a very individual taste and therefore you can alter the quantities of each ingredient to your taste.