These are the loveliest Salmon fish cakes. Salmon is quiet a full flavoured fish and can be quite overpowering. I found when you add the dill; it complements the salmon beautifully and works great together; taking away the strong flavour of the fish. The tomato Vinaigrette adds a bit of freshness and juiciness to the dish and goes beautifully with the fish cakes.

Salmon and Dill Fish Cakes Served with Tomato Vinaigrette

Makes approximately 16 medium sized Fish Cakes




1.5Ib Potatoes/approx 4 medium potatoes, (I used White potatoes)

1Ib/500g Salmon Fillets

1 Egg

A Good Handful of Chopped Dill

1 Spring Onion Finely Chopped

¼ Red Pepper, Finely Chopped

¼ Green Pepper, Finely Chopped

½ tsp Paprika

Sprinkle of Chilli Flakes

Salt to taste

Freshly Ground Pepper


To Make the Fish Cakes

Boil the potatoes with salted water and leave aside to cool. Once cooled mash them lightly so that there are still some lumps in the mash. You do not want a smooth texture. 

Meanwhile take the salmon fillets and place them on a baking foil and season well, then seal the ends. Cook them in the pre heated oven at 200c until cooked. This takes approximately 15-20 minutes on a 200 c. Leave to cool. Take the salmon and break it with a fork and add to the potatoes.

Add all the other ingredients and mix well with a fork. Do not overdo or else the texture will get mushy. Taste for seasoning at this stage. Form medium sized round balls and press on top slightly. If you find that the fish cakes are sticking to your hands, just rinse your hands under some water and leave them wet and continue to roll. This is a great tip which my mother had taught me. Once done, place them on a non stick baking tray and drizzle each fish cake with olive oil, making sure you do both sides. Cook on a pre heated oven at 200c for approximately 20 minutes or until golden.


For the Vinaigrette


2 Medium Tomatoes (Deseeded and chopped finely)

2 Spring Onions, Chopped Finely

4tbsp Balsamic Vinegar

4tbsp Olive Oil

2tsp Mustard

1tsp Fresh or Dried Basil

Freshly Ground Pepper


Take a bowl and add all the above ingredients. Mix well and serve with the Fish Cakes. Yummy!