I love South Indian food. These Idlis are so easy to make and taste really delicious. They are packed full of healthy vegetables and the best thing about these Idlis is that it does not need any fermenting overnight, like the rice and dal Idlis. Great dish to rustle up when you have unexpected family or guests over!

Semolina Spinach Idlis

Makes 20-24 Idlis depending on the size of the moulds




1 ½ Cup/8 oz Fine Semolina

2 Medium Carrots

2 Handfuls of Peas

2 Large Handfuls of Chopped Spinach

½ tsp Grated Ginger

1 Clove Garlic- Crushed

1 Sachet Eno

2tbsp Oil

2 Cups/16 fl oz Chaas (Plain Lassi)

Salt to taste

1 Green Chilli- Finely Chopped (optional)


For the Tempering


1 tbsp Oil

½ tsp Jeera/Cumin

½ Tsp Rye/Poppy Seeds

2tbsp Freshly Chopped Coriander



In a food processor, finely chop the carrots and peas. Transfer into a mixing bowl. Add the spinach, ginger, garlic, Chilli and the oil. Mix well. Add the semolina and slowly pour in the lassi to get a consistency of a thick batter but yet pourable. Finally add the eno and stir quite thoroughly; it is important to add this last as the idlis will be nice and fluffy. Add the mixture into the idli moulds or alternatively if you do not mind having a round shape you can pour the mixture into a round tray and steam for 10-15 minutes. Once the idlis are done you can let them rest with the lid off. You will notice that the edges will start to peel off; that means the idlis are done. If you are doing them into one tray, then simply cut them into small squares.

For the tempering, heat the oil and add the jeera and cumin. Once they start to pop and sizzle turn the heat off and add the coriander. Sprinkle this onto your idlis.

Serve hot or cold with green, red and coconut chutneys.