This is an excellent chicken dish that can be used in so many ways. It has a great peppery taste with a herby crust and tastes incredible just on its own. You can use any left overs into tortillas, filled with salad and onions; you can enjoy this as a chicken burger, just slap a bit of mayonnaise onto a burger bun and some salad on top; you can also serve it with jacket potatoes, corn on the cob or even a crispy salad; chop up the cooked chicken into a salad, making it very versatile. The options are endless. The best thing about this chicken is that it is very quick!! Have a go and you will be impressed!

Southern Baked Chicken

Serves 4-6


Ingredients for the Marinade


2IB Chicken Breasts – cut into thick strips; or thin if you prefer

1tsp Paprika

1tsp Cayenne Chilli Pepper

½ Onion

2 Cloves Garlic

1 ½ tsp Mustard

1tbsp Worcester sauce

1tbsp Ketchup

Salt to taste

1tsp Dried Oregano



Take the onion and garlic and blend in a food processor until pureed. Mix all the ingredients including the garlic and onion puree together with the chicken. Cover and leave in the fridge for at least 1 hour.


Ingredients for the Crust

Approx 6oz All Purpose Flour


Freshly Grounded Black Pepper- good amount

2 oz Breadcrumbs

2 tsp Mixed Dried Herbs

3-4 Eggs

Butter- Only enough to grease the tray and brush the chicken


Take 3oz of flour into a bowl along with the breadcrumbs. Season well with salt, 1tsp of mixed herbs and lots of pepper. Into another bowl, add the remaining flour along with the rest of the herbs and again season with salt and pepper. Use only one egg at a time as you may not need all the eggs. If the egg is used up then break another. Lightly beat the egg.


Pre heat the oven at 200c. Take the chicken and dip each strip into the plain flour first, then egg and then the flour and breadcrumb mixture; make sure you cover each piece of chicken well with all 3 mixtures. Place them a little way apart onto a greased (with butter), tray and cook for 25-30 minutes, making sure half way you brush the chicken pieces with melted butter, this will give it a lovely taste and a rich golden colour. Serve Hot!