This is the quickest dessert you can make. I have used homemade cake for this recipe but you can use shop bought. Seasonal fruit works best and at present Mangoes, Strawberries are in full season. I have also used Papaya in this recipe.

Very Quick Fruit Dessert


Use equal quantities of fruit.

1 Small Papaya- Chopped

2 Fresh Mangoes- Chopped

10 Strawberries- Chopped

400g Custard- Homemade or Shop Bought

Handful Almonds- Crushed

Enough Cake to Cover the Bowl- Cut into pieces- Any cake works with this recipe



Arrange the cake pieces into a bowl, and then pour the custard to cover the cake. Next, the fruit pieces and finally sprinkle the almonds. This can be made in advance and left in the fridge until you are ready to serve.

Simple and tasty!