I love Chinese aubergine. It tastes delicious. I tried to make this at home and have come pretty close to getting it perfect. I was very happy at the way it turned out and would like to share this delicious recipe with all aubergine lovers! To make this more spicy just add more chillies.

Serves 2


1 Large Dutch Aubergine- Cut into thin Slices

2tbsp Oil

3 Cloves Garlic- Finely Sliced

1 Green Chilli- Finely Sliced

Salt to taste

Freshly Grounded Pepper- 1tsp

3tbsp Soy Sauce

2tsp Sugar

1tbsp Corn Flour

¼ Cup Water

Sliced Spring Onions for Decoration


In a small Jug add the soy sauce, sugar, corn flour and water. Mix all the ingredients well. Take a wide non stick wok; add the oil and sauté the garlic and chillies. Add the aubergine and sauté for a few minutes. Sprinkle some salt and pepper. Pour the soy sauce mixture on top and cook until the aubergine are tender, yet holding its shape. Sprinkle the spring onions when you are ready to serve.