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Incense / Dhoop Sticks & Accessories

Lighting an incense sticks in the evening can create a healthy environment inside the house. Incense works best amidst a prayer, may it be morning or evening time. incense sticks are not easily available everywhere except Popat Stores. The incense sticks are categorised on the basis of aroma. You have plethora of options. If you have a strong desire for lavender, you can get it. Rose, sandal and even floral are available. If you want to save on it then you can order it in bulk like a pack of 12. These incense sticks are prepared with herbs, wood, resins etc. so it is completely safe to inhale the aroma. They have a psychological impact on your mind and can drive away the negativity. Moreover, different aromas have different effects on your mind and body so it is very important in day to day life. While praying, the incense can rejuvenate the mind and boost your confidence. This fact has been scientifically proved. Even you can order cones which are much like incense. High quality incense and dhoop holders are also available which can be used during a puja.