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Insulated Tiffins ( Lunch Box) / Insulated Servers

Insulated Tiffins ( Lunch Box) / Insulated Servers

When it comes to serving food, we believe that it’s as important to catch the eye as much as it is to appeal to the taste buds.  Fine cuisine shouldn’t have to be served on old crockery or paper plates – and neither, for that matter, should party food!  If you’ve put time and effort into cooking up a fantastic spread for your guests, you should be perfectly entitled to show it off a little – and why not?  With our superb range of stainless steel plates for parties, gatherings and much more besides, you’ll be able to serve, display and treat your guests to tasty food from shining and stunning examples of dinnerware that we think will go down a triumph.

From steel china plates to varying sizes of thali, you can use our dinnerware for any occasion or event of your choosing – there really is no limitation!  Our stainless steel plates come in a range of sizes and are easy to clean and easy to stack, along with being surprisingly sturdy and sure to last years of use.  You really can’t go wrong with a hardy and eye-catching steel plate or two – which is all the more reason why Popat Stores is proud to host such a range as part of our online collection.

Our online catalogue is host to a wonderful array of dinner and kitchenware essentials and accessories, making your life easier while wowing your guests in the bargain.  Why not have a closer look at what we have to offer?  With a flat rate of delivery on all items to the UK mainland, there really has been no better time to stack up on stunning steel plates while you can – and at such an affordable rate, who could possibly blame you in doing so?